Financial Mediation

We can help you discuss and agree arrangements for your finances when you separate or divorce. The sorts of issues that can be resolved in mediation include:

  • How your assets will be divided
  • What happens to your family home, including who will move out and when this will happen
  • Division of pensions and investments
  • Spousal maintenance
  • How any upcoming bills will be settled

Agreements reached will be summarised in a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and Open Financial Schedule (OFS) which can then be made into a legally binding Consent Order.

Mediation FAQs

Most people going through mediation find it helpful to have legal advice to support them. You can arrange this at any time and your mediator may also recommend you do if you are talking about things that relate to a legal issue. The mediator can give you information about local family solicitors and how to choose one. If you get legal aid for mediation, you may also get free legal advice during mediation.


“Family disputes that are resolved through mediation are cheaper, quicker and according to academic research, less acrimonious than those that are settled through the courts.”

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