Child Issues Mediation

We can help you discuss and agree arrangements for children when you separate or divorce. The sorts of issues parents, grandparents and other family members can resolve in mediation include

  • When and where the children will spend time with each of you
  • Agreeing child maintenance and support payments
  • Arrangements for school holidays and key events such as Christmas, Birthdays etc.
  • Helping grandparents keep in contact with their grandchildren
  • Any other issues you wish to agree on – such as schooling, holidays, relocation, change of name, introducing new partners

Agreements reached will be summarised in a Mediation Outcome Statement or Statement of Child Arrangements. 

Mediation FAQs

All mediators are trained to help parents to think about the ways they can support their children. They can also provide information about how children can be supported when parents separate.

Some mediators are also qualified to see children and young people separately as part of a parental mediation process.

The Family Mediation Council’s Code of Practice requires that all children and young people aged 10 and above should be offered the opportunity to have their voices heard directly during the Mediation, if they wish. Your mediator will explain exactly how this might work and whether it is appropriate when you meet to consider offering your children the opportunity of consulting directly with a mediator.