Our Fees

Mediation Voucher

If you aren't eligible for legal aid and you wish to mediate about arrangements for children you may be eligible for the Mediation Voucher which is a Ministry of Justice (MOJ) scheme providing a contribution of up to £500 per case towards the costs of mediation in eligible cases.  Family Mediation Voucher Scheme - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk) Please call us to discuss whether you might be eligible.

Our Fees

All fees are charged per person, per session and are paid in advance of  meetings. Mediation sessions last around 90 minutes. There are no additional charges for any of the written documents provided by the mediator after each session. All figures include VAT. If you are eligible for legal aid the fees will not apply.

Session typeAnnual incomeFee per person per session
Signing court forms-£30
Mediation SessionUp to £30K£156
Mediation SessionAbove £30K£198

Legal Aid 

If you are on a low income click here to find out more about whether you might be eligible for legal aid Legal Aid