Nikki McVeagh

FMCA Mediator

About Nikki McVeagh

Nikki McVeagh practised as a Company Commercial Litigation Solicitor for several years in the City of London before discovering the benefits of mediation after writing her LLM Masters' dissertation on mediation in medical negligence cases.
She qualified as a Community Mediator in 2001 and as a Family Mediator with Family Mediation Council in 2009.
She also worked as an NHS Mediator, including workplace mediation and set up and ran the Rochester Diocesan Mediation Scheme for churches from 2004.

Nikki is passionate about the effectiveness of mediation as a way to help parties settle conflicts, especially in matrimonial matters. Nikki is particularly keen that couples focus on their children when there is a breakdown, so that the children can continue to thrive even amidst potential discord between parting couples.

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