Arthur Charlton

FMCA Mediator

About Arthur Charlton

It seems like another lifetime now but the first 25 years of my professional life was as an architect and town planner.
But in the early 90s, concerned and fascinated by difficulties we (human beings) have in dealing with conflict, and possibly propelled by the experience of getting divorced and trying to sort issues around my own children and finance using legal professionals, I was drawn by an advertisement to get involved as a volunteer mediator with a local community service.
I loved it and before long my interest had expanded to mediating a wide range of disputes and training people not just to mediate but to deal with conflict in their lives more generally.
Eventually I gave up "my day job", so that I could focus primarily on mediation, couple counselling and training.

Nowadays I concentrate on family mediation, helping other couples find a less painful and costly way through separation and divorce, and conflict resolution training, especially running Separated Parents Information Programmes (to help parents negotiate with one another directly rather than take their issues to legal professionals and have settlements imposed upon them).

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