Our Fees

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Our Fees

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If you are not eligible for legal aid the following fees apply.

All fees are charged per person, per session (not per hour) and are paid in advance of your meetings, within 48 hours of booking the appointment.
Figures in brackets include VAT. Out of hours: 8-10am & after 5pm.

Session type Annual Income Client fees Out of hours
MIAMS £65 (£78) £65 (£78)
Joint MIAMS £60 (£72) £60 (£72)
Signing court forms £25 (£30) £25 (£30)
Child Consultation £100 (£120) £100 (£120)
Mediation Session Up to £30K £130 (£156) £130 (£156)
Mediation Session Above £30K £165 (£198) £165 (£198)
Shuttle Mediation *1 £205 (£246)

Please note the following:

All documents (including mediation session summaries, parenting plans, outcome statements and MoU’s) are provided at no extra cost to clients.

Out of hours: 8-10am & after 5pm. Also, Tuesday evenings & alternate Saturdays

Child Issues Mediation is usually completed in 1-2 mediation sessions.

Property & Finance and All-Issues Mediations are usually completed in 2-4 mediation sessions.

Shuttle Mediation *1 – *This is where the parties are in separate rooms and the mediator ‘shuttles’ between them.

This fee reflects, not only the longer time the session takes, but also the greater space required (two rooms), which may restrict other mediations taking place at the same time.

Please note, where there is a domestic abuse issue involved, the shuttle model should not disadvantage that party financially.

The service manager will have discretion on shuttle fees, on a case by case basis.

All documents are provided at no extra cost to clients.

Child Issues Mediation is usually completed in 2-3 sessions, including the Assessment Meeting.

Property, Finance and Child Issues Mediation is usually completed in 3-4 meetings including the Assessment Meeting.

Legal Aid:

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It may take more than one mediation session to reach agreement depending on your situation. Where agreement is reached, the mediator/s will record this and send you a copy of the outcome, whether a mediation session summary, an outcome statement or a parenting plan. For agreements on property and/or financial matters a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) can be produced. None of these documents are legally binding but you can seek legal advice if you wish to make them legally binding.