NEW – Structured SELFMB Placement scheme

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NEW – Structured SELFMB Placement scheme

Observation, co-mediation and lead mediation* opportunities at the South East London Family Mediation Bureau (SELFMB).

In response to demand from recently trained family mediators, SELFMB is now able to offer a structured pathway to lead-mediation opportunities.

Please note, this is a 5-stage process, with lead mediation possible only when all four stages have been satisfactorily completed.

The five stage process:

  • This will be conducted via short interview with the Service Manager, upon receipt of the candidate’s CV, PPC reference & copy of current insurance certificate.
  • If possible and with consent, prior video assessment through the candidate’s FMC-approved Family Mediation Training Provider, will also be reviewed.
  • Conduct a minimum of six hours (i.e. 3 no. mediation sessions) of family mediation observation at the Bureau.
  • Each observation includes an initial consultation with the mediator at the start and a de-brief at the end of the session.
  • Conduct a minimum of six hours (i.e. 3 no. sessions) of co-mediation, at the Bureau.
  • Each co-mediation includes an initial consultation with the mediator at the start and a de-brief at the end of the session.
  • Assessment conducted by an SELFMB PPC (at the Trainee’s expense), in conjunction with the Trainee’s PPC and those they have co-worked with as assistant mediator at SELFMB.
  • Please note there will, necessarily, be a discretionary element to this stage. However, it is expected that all candidates who have completed the first 3 stages satisfactorily, will be able to progress to stage 5, should they wish to.
  •  All being well, lead mediation on a case with an experienced, Accredited SELFMB Mentor Mediator.
  • There is the possibility of gaining a lead case that can be used for inclusion in the portfolio if it results in a useable resolution, although for practical and logistical reasons, this cannot be guaranteed.
  • Placement / Trainees to write up any mediation outcome documentation, including MoU and OFS, and for these to be checked and approved by the Trainee’s own PPC.

Fees: All observations, co-mediations and lead-mediations: £40 per hour plus VAT (£96 total for a two hour session).

Who is it for?

  • Newly trained family mediators, who are about to commence, or who have already embarked on, their accreditation / Portfolio.
  • Family mediators who have been trained and would like observations, co-mediation or lead mediation opportunities, by way of a ‘refresher’.

 Benefits to Placement Trainee:

  • An opportunity to gain experience and to start building confidence to practice.
  • Family Mediator training should expose new mediators to a variety of mediator styles and through this, they should be encouraged to develop and hone their own style. This is an an opportunity to observe different mediation styles and techniques practised by the Bureau’s eight accredited (FMCA) Mentor Mediators, who are drawn from a variety of professional backgrounds.
  • The Trainee can use one of these observed or co-mediated sessions (and produce an evaluative account of the session), as the minimum FMC requirement before starting to mediate.
  • The Trainee can use observations and co-mediation experience in their reflective account and lead-mediation for writing-up cases for their portfolio, as part of the Accreditation process.

 Feedback from previous SELFMB Placements:

‘Mediation seems to be a catalyst for emotion, part of a process whereby hurt and anger are diffused and gradually replaced by reason and reasonableness. This can take time but once the parties recognise their objectives, share and commit to them, they are the on their way to agreement. The mediator can offer a safe structure and impartial management as the parties reach their aim.’ Excerpt from Reflective Log, recently trained Family Mediator, (July 2017)

 ‘It was very helpful to see a mediation session in practice and to refresh my memory of the training.’ Refresher observation, Family Law Barrister, (December 2018).

The Family Mediation Bureau is an established and pioneering family mediation practice. It is proud of its collegiate ethos and supportive working environment.

Please note that our Bromley office often has out-of-hours appointments for clients on Tuesday evenings (until 7pm) and alternate Saturdays (9am-2pm). This may make it easier for placement / trainees to attend for observations, co-working and lead mediating, if they are working.

Applicants are invited to send their CV, name of PPC and a copy of their PI insurance certificate to: Andrew Sims, Service Manager, at


*Lead mediation, in the context of fulfilling the requirements for the FMC Accreditation scheme, is defined as follows: ‘where cases are co-mediated, the mediator must have taken the substantive lead.’

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Family Mediation Voucher

The Family Mediation Voucher is currently available to help with the cost of mediation involving child arrangements up to a value of £500 per case.  

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