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‘Mediation has so many benefits and should, wherever possible, be the default position for separating couples and families’

Lord McNally

The South East London Family Mediation Bureau (SELFMB) was established in 1979 as an independent charity and is widely recognized for its pioneering work in developing family mediation practice.

It is now firmly established as a centre of excellence for family mediation in the UK, serving London and the south-east.

What sets us apart is the quality and consistency of our mediation practice. All of our family mediators are FMCA accredited.

The SELFMB has become one of the country’s foremost providers of family mediation and, particularly, of child issues mediation. Its mediators include specialists in this particular area of family mediation whose extensive practice experience and writings on the subject have contributed significantly to the development of family mediation in this country and in particular to the Bureau’s long and successful history of mediating child related disputes.

The Bureau’s special focus on the needs, interests and perspectives of children includes the provision of child consultation, that is, for children themselves to be consulted by a mediator in appropriate circumstances.

The SELFMB also offers mediation to separated or separating couples in relation to their property and financial matters. Very many of its clients over the years have used the Bureau’s services to successfully mediate agreements in what is termed “all issues mediation” – that is, in relation to both their future care arrangements for their children and also their property and finances.

SELFMB’s mediators are drawn from a variety of professional backgrounds: they include family lawyers (both barristers and solicitors), academics, child counsellors, psychologists, social workers and family therapists. All are accredited family mediators, through the Family Mediation Council.

The Bureau’s self referral process is straightforward: prospective clients can contact the Bureau directly (tel: 020 8315 7460 or email to enquiries@selfmb.org.uk) and can usually be seen within a few days of making an enquiry for an appointment.


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Contact us on 020 8315 7460 for a confidential discussion


COVID-19 & Appointments

In light of recent Coronavirus developments SELFMB are offering clients the opportunity to book a MIAM appointment by Zoom, as an alternative to a face-to-face meeting, or to change an existing MIAM appointment to a Zoom appointment. Zoom is a video meeting App which you can download for free onto your phone/laptop or other device. Find out more here.

In some cases we will also be offering mediations by Zoom. We would usually conduct mediations in person, however mediation by video meeting is a recognised approach, approved by the FMC (Family Mediation Council). With the increased risk of Coronavirus we are looking at how we can continue to provide services to clients whilst reducing the risk to clients and staff.

Please call on 020 8315 7460 if you have any questions or would like to arrange an appointment or request to change an appointment to Zoom.